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My Wife

June 20, 2009

When I tell people about 50skatekid the most frequently asked question is “how does your wife feel about all this?”  It’s a fair question.  Mom: stays home and works.  Dad: travels around the country with son.  Not your average scenario. 

I know some people wonder if it’s a veiled break up.  That’s not a crazy conjecture.  Dad, having a midlife crisis, concocts a reckless, escapist plan to regress into childhood, using son’s hobby as excuse.  Mom, unable to crush son’s dream, consents to the plan, hoping Dad will come to his senses and call off the trip, return home, grow up.  That would be a very dramatic scenario, full of denial, tension, self-destructive desires, and climactic redemption or catastrophe.  Fortunately, this is not the case!

As a matter of fact, our marriage is in pretty good shape.  You only have to spend ten minutes in a room with us before you decide it’s either embarrassingly cute or hopelessly nauseating just how goofy in love we still are, and this mild inebriation infects all the decisions we make together – many of which seem unrealistic, at first.  When our two kids were six months and six years old, respectively, we decided to move to Japan for a year but chose to stay for three.  We came back to the USA, but couldn’t afford to buy a house, so we built a kit house together, instead.  It’s still standing. 

Life is about having dreams and chasing them, full throttle.  Of course, you still have to meet your responsibilities, so crafting a plan that weaves together both dreams and responsibilities is the challenge we all face.  Logan is passionate about skateboarding and learns best experientially.  His interest in school is waning along with his success, and we need to break that dangerous trend.  50skatekid is our creative solution. 

“How does your wife feel about this?”  She supports it 100%.  (It was partly her idea!)  But she’s bracing herself for missing us.  Lately, she’s been musing on sentimental things, like the size of Logan’s feet, how tiny they used to be when we would sniff them and exclaim “Ooh! Stinky feet!” eliciting hysterical laughter.  It’s painful to realize how fast he’s growing and to imagine how tall he’ll be when he returns, his face more angular, his voice maybe starting to change.  What mother wants to miss participating in that evolution?  But it’s a sacrifice she’s willing to make, so that Logan can chase his dreams.

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