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The Garage of Dreams

July 4, 2009

June has been a rainy month here in New Hampshire.  Every day, almost.  It’s been a busy month for our garage!  Logan has been working on his skateboard moves. 

Among all the tools and snow tires, there are some chunks of six-by-six, left over from a pole barn.  Logan set these up to create a wooden “rail” and has been teaching himself to grind.  The formerly rough hemlock is now black and polished with paint, rubbed off his board’s underside.

I was recently reminded that the Apple computer company started in a garage, and most of my favorite bands did, too.  I wonder how Logan’s hero, Rodney Mullen, started?  Perhaps this will become part of Logan’s origin story: “It rained all month, so I made a rail in the garage from scrap lumber.  That’s how I learned to grind.”  Even if he never answers a sportscaster’s  interview question this way, he is on the right track for success in some arena or other: the path of a person pressing forward toward a dream, rain or shine.

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