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love and suffering

July 22, 2009

I recently read an article about a professional fighter who has had stitches above his eyes 77 times.  Yes, 77 different times.  You have to love your sport to stick with it like that.  After three or four times getting sewn up, I think I would have switched to swimming.

A few days ago, Logan told me of a few pro skateboarders who have had surgery due to skating injuries.  (I did not get the impression that he found this discouraging.)  It started me thinking that we all suffer for what we love.  Of course, sometimes we suffer for accidental reasons, but when we are living intentionally – really going after something we want – and suffer as a result, we tend to ignore the pain.  (This works in all directions, including jelly doughnuts.)  There are the lumps dished out by life in general, and then there are the bumps and bruises we endure along the path of our own choosing.  When we pay the piper for the choices we make, the accounting reveals what we truly value.

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