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the journey begins

August 16, 2009

They say that a journey of 10,000 miles begins with the first step, but I don’t think that’s true.  I think this journey began with an idea.  The idea had already moved through the fifth grade students and teachers by the time I turned the corner along the same path. 

At the fifth grade ‘graduation’ ceremony in June, where the middle school vice-principle made a speech congratulating and welcoming all his new students, Logan’s teacher took a moment to recognize a really great adult volunteer, who had joined Logan’s cohort at lunch and recess every day for the past five years. All the kids signed a 50skatekid T-shirt for him as a farewell token.

shirt gift

So, even at the end of June, before we’d even packed our bags, Logan’s journey had already begun, with his teachers and classmates behind him, and a full head of steam for skateboard camp and the chance to learn some new tricks. But on the sixth day of camp, one wrong move changed things.  The cast comes off in ten more days, on August 25. It’s interesting how this ‘broken arm’ episode has actually become the first part of the whole journey – the first trial, really.  Evidently, it will take more than a compound fracture to shut down this idea.

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