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zombie arm

September 1, 2009

In the “cast off” video, Logan mentions that his arm is moving by itself.  After six weeks frozen in place, the muscles were so stiff that his elbow would flex or extend slowly, but without his control.  For him, it was like using a poorly calibrated remote control arm.

And it was smelly.  (After six weeks in a shoe, your foot would smell pretty ripe, wouldn’t it?  You get the picture.)  And boney.  The doctor called it “wasting,” and the muscle really did waste away.  The rule of thumb is two days of recovery for every one day in a cast.  So, after twelve weeks, his left arm should be as muscular as it was originally.

The nerve damage is the worst part.  Evidently, the injury sliced or crushed a nerve in his arm that controls curling the pinky and ring fingers, among other things.  Even while wearing the cast, this nerve started to regenerate, and he’s recovered some range of motion.  But typing and playing the guitar right now are exercises in frustration.  He’s got a zombie arm, but it will heal.

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