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September 22, 2009

Monday afternoon found us at Garden Sk8indoor skatepark, home of the largest indoor wooden bowl in America.  The facility is a work of art, literally.  Professional artists have emblazoned the walls with graffiti of the highest caliber, music is integrated throughout the building, and each young acrobat dances on wheels to the tune of his inner dervish.  The vibe of the place incorporates all the best elements of skateboarding culture.

I talked with owner Todd Schwarz about significant skateparks around the country, while Logan skated with his son, Bennet Schwartz, who won top ranks at the recent King of the Groms competition.  He’s only seven and already sponsored by Nike.  Yeah, seven.  Very impressive. 

At the end of the day, Logan convinced me that his trucks and wheels needed replacement, so we studied the day-glo plastic and gleaming metal in the glass cases.  On the spot, Todd bid an equity stake in the equipment upgrade – he sponsored Logan the cost of his trucks and bearings.  In that moment, Logan crossed a threshold that has been his yardstick for success on this career path: he got sponsored.  See, dreams do come true if you chase them.

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