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Kona Skatepark, Florida

December 4, 2009

Growing up involves the shattering of illusions.  I had no expectations for FDR (Philly) and Kona skateparks, but Logan knew them both from skateboarding video games and pro skater videos.  As you would expect, these media represent the best faces of these parks: smooth and clean, bright and exciting.  It is a credit to their production that Logan’s expectations were so high!  In reality, Kona did not live up to the image in Logan’s mind.  The oldest private skatepark in America (in operation since 1977), signs of age and neglect were hard to overlook.  (Below – the huge sign above the park advertises both its golden age and current state) 

Logan was so deflated that he couldn’t see past the park’s faults to enjoy the positive aspects – a legendary snake run, the kidney pool, the sheer size (acres!) and variety offered (not to mention a wonderful staff!).  I prodded him into skating a little, but it was like watching him dance with a girl who just broke his heart.  After a while, we just packed up and headed to Ed Austin skatepark, where we met some local skaters, who told us about other parks in town.  I’m sure Logan will be visiting these over the next few days.  That’s life on the rebound.

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