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December 6, 2009

After checking out a some skateparks in and around Jax this weekend, we visited Hanna Park where we explored the hiking trails.   We looked for aligators, but only saw a turtle.  We did notice plenty of fungi and vascular plants (that we are currently studying in Biology).

(Logan on a fallen tree trunk across murky water)

On Sunday, we visited the Cummer Museum, where we joined a tour of the permanent collection.  Our guide was engaging and enthusiastic, bringing each gallery to life with her description of that time period.  We drew surprising connections between our study of global exploration and the subjects of European art.  In particular, a temporary exhibit portrayed the local customs of northern Florida in the 1560s!  I wish every lesson on this trip could incorporate art, history, culture, and location so perfectly!

(One of Theodor de Bry’s engravings possibly based on LeMoyne’s drawings, depicting Athore, son of the Timucuan king Saturiwa, showing Laudonnière the monument placed by Ribault.)

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