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Austin, TX

January 10, 2010

After skating all the chilly day at Mabel Davis park, Logan and I had hot cocoa with local writer, Jennifer Gandon Le.  Meeting her in person after weeks of virtual contact (she introduced herself and blogged about 50skatekid a few months ago) made me realize that we are points on another map, layered on top of the precincts we are passing through.  It is a map of disembodied human interaction, which today intersected with our tangible path.  But there was no glittering moment when Jennifer materialized out of the fifth-dimensional world of my contact list.  It actually didn’t feel like a first meeting at all, and I realize now that it wasn’t.  At one point, our wandering conversation turned to a mutual friend, Michael.  I shocked myself to admit that I’ve never actually laid eyes on him, even though I’ve known him for several years.  The discrepancy had never occurred to me. Strange that I should learn, on a cold day in Austin, that I have met someone before actually meeting her, and that I have become friends with someone else without ever having been in the same room with him.

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