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best day of my life so far

January 29, 2010

“The best day of my life so far.”  That’s how Logan summed up today.  He got to meet Paul Schmitt, make himself two skateboards, and hang out with surprise guest Mike V

(pictured above, Logan, Paul Schmitt, Mike Vallely, and Mike’s new board he just made)

OK, so, basically, Paul Schmitt is Willy Wonka.  We show up at his house, and he skateboards out to meet us, wearing a lab coat, colorful sneakers and laces, giant knee pads, and a spangled helmet.  After introductions, we follow him to his backyard personal wonderland, including ropeswing above the swimming pool, play house, art studio, jungle gym, and creamy smooth skating bowl.  Then, while Logan and I are still extinguishing the embers of our blown minds, up rolls the pizza delivery guy, who turns out to be … Mike V. (!?) one of Logan’s skateboard heros.  Total surprise, proving that Paul Schmitt is a really thoughtful and creative genius, and that Mike V. is a good sport, ready to give a hand up to those below.  In the following clip of our meeting, Mike relates his career strategy.  Further evidence that if you have enough creativity and drive, you can achieve your goals.

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