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our first encounter with the police

February 12, 2010

On the long drive from Oakland, California to Crater Lake, Oregon, I started to feel sleepy.  Sensibly, I got off the next exit ramp and parked on a farm road in order to close my eyes for a few minutes, while Logan read his book.  My nap was inturrupted by Yolo County’s finest.  I figured, “Out of state plates.  I’m going to get a ticket.”  Actually,  deputies Jeremy and Roman rolled up because Logan had switched on our hazard lights, and they thought we needed help.  When they heard about 50skatekid, they were all smiles!  We even got a photo op.  I know that “skateboarding culture” paints a dog vs. cat picture of cop and skater relations, but Logan didn’t grow up getting citations for skating from the LAPD, so he still thinks of cops as his pals.  He even waves to them as they pass!  Jeremy and Roman reinforced this positive impression with their attitudes.  Put this encounter in the “positive” tally of skater/cop relations.

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