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Family of five cycle around the world

April 4, 2010

I recently heard about a French family, who spent a year and a half cycling around the world.  Their adventure makes our nine-month, national tour look like child’s play!  You can read about it on their blog, which my google toolbar translated into poetic English, for example: “A life with classic appearance, with a real job, a real nice house, real children who bicker doing homework every night … but a real dream in my head! … This life, this was the one we dream. We did not start our thinking, it would be a world tour, it would be cycling, but we were sure it could be a substitute for “metro-boulot-dodo”[subway, work, sleep]. The small seed of travel, adventure, madness, was there. He has not had much water it so that it leads us to this journey … It was suddenly obvious. And as the evidence we remove the doubt, we are advancing, the die was already cast!”  My hat is off to this family, who completed their odyssey five months ago.  This blog post chronicles their triumphant return, flanked by an honorary escort of 50 cyclists, national television coverage, a speech by the mayor, and a grand welcome by their entire village!

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