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Full Circle

April 27, 2010

Heading east from Denver, we pass fields of towering windmills, stretching from the horizon to the very edge of the highway.  I point them out to Logan, but he ignores them.  He’s seen them before.  At the outset of this trip, it was exciting to boldly go where we had never gone before, but at some point it became passé.  Same highway, different state.

As we cross our own tracks in Kansas City, I realize that we have come full circle in many other ways.  When we set off last September, I questioned the “classroom” format, venturing into home schooling territory and even experimenting with online classes.  Now I’m searching for a middle school where Logan can enroll next fall.

Logan himself used to hate school, but now he’s ready to go back.  The volatile fuel of discontent and innovation that launched this trip has burned away, and we are gliding back down to earth.  As we activate our landing gear, the anticipation of our homecoming overshadows the novelties along the home stretch.  Logan would rather see his cats, dogs, friends, and Legos than the Kentucky Derby hoopla.

At the peak of our journey, I felt like we could keep it going indefinitely.  “50skatekid tours the world!” we used to joke.  But, closing the loop geographically, we’re also completing a full cycle of attitudes toward education in general and this trip in particular. It has run its course, served its purpose, and I’m glad there are only fifty states!  After months of vagabond adventuring, I just want to sleep in my own bed, beside my patient, supportive wife.

This post also appeared on the blog Band of Fathers

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