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May 12, 2010

Then we went to the Capitol building.  We didn’t bring a skateboard, but I made him strike the pose, anyway.  We spent some time at the Botanical Gardens, then took a tour of the Capitol with a member of Senator Gregg’s staff.  He led us from the Senate Office Buildings via an underground train!

The building is ornate and fascinating, brimming with statues and legends.  For example, we saw the exact spot where Andrew Jackson was nearly killed in 1835 (statue behind Logan, below), the largest crystal chandelier in America (worth $5 mil),

fire damage from the British torches in 1814,  the original and current chambers of the House and Senate (in action!), and Logan stood in the exact center of the District of Columbia, the very point from which its complex web of streets radiate.

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  1. Aunt Jen permalink
    May 13, 2010 3:04 pm

    Welcome home, guys. Isn’t the Capitol Bldg magnificent? One of my all-time Zen/perfect moments took place 15 years ago during a 7 mile run through the Mall. I ran up the steps and there was a rainbow-colored sunset and it was just an incredible moment I’ll never forget. I think your brother met/saw Dick Cheney there a couple of years ago (?)

    I cannot believe you guys saw Bo ! ! ! That shocked me to read. I can’t even imagine how surprised you must have been

    Welcome back!!
    ~Aunt Jen

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