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Progress Report

October 21, 2010

Yesterday, we met with Logan’s teachers at his new school. He’s thirty days into the seventh grade, carrying As and Bs in all his classes but one!  We discussed his IEP in light of recent observations and specialized testing.  His scores are solidly average, with some strengths (creativity, expression), and some weaknesses (reading speed, spelling).  A big improvement in sixteen months!  These results were topped off by a crackerjack review by the school psychologist, detailing his enthusiasm for learning, engagement with teachers and peers, and overall positive attitude.  It worked!  50skatekid worked!  The academic nosedive is a distant memory, and Logan is now holding steady at a comfortable cruising altitude!

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  1. Lu Daly permalink
    November 5, 2010 3:06 pm

    I am so glad that all has worked out well for you. Sounds like you are where you were meant to be. Where in upstate NY are you? We spent a lot of time there when our son was at Colgate University. I wish you continued luck and learning.
    Say hi to your dad for Bill and me.


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