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South Kent, Connecticut

September 8, 2012

Two years ago, I boasted that 50skatekid worked. Logan returned to public school after our trip, and he earned a spot on the “B Honor Roll” during his first quarter of seventh grade. He spent middle school learning all the things that a teenager misses on the road with his dad – about friends, about girls. Now, he’s a student at South Kent School, which is a good match for his learning style. South Kent is a leading one-to-one iPad school, which appeals to Logan’s interest in technology. The students are all boys, and the curriculum is hands-on, based on the hero’s journey theme. This school understands that every student is on his own epic quest to find himself and to forge his own unique destiny. That’s why I took this job. That’s right, I teach tenth-grade English. So, in some ways, we’re on another adventure together.

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