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December 15, 2009

Logan is currently enrolled in an online Language Arts course (through VLACS), and his current topic is the monomyth.  It was easy for him to think of modern examples, like Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, and then it dawned on me: 50skatekid is a monomyth, too. 

>>from the lesson materials:

You might not find all three stages in each story you read. However, in many stories, the character experiences the following:

  • Separation – The hero leaves the everyday world, a place of security and ease.
  • Initiation – The hero encounters experiences that test his or her ability and strength. As a result, the hero is often strengthened and matured.
  • Return – The hero returns to the place of security and ease. He or she is often quite changed after experiencing the tests in stage two. The hero also bears a gift for his or her community.
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